Ocean City police warn of fake $100 bills

They were made for the big screen, but instead, "prop bills" landed two suspects in big trouble in Ocean City, Md. Police say they arrested two people who tried to pass counterfeit $100 bills bearing the phrases "For Motion Picture Use Only" and "For Cinematic Use Only."

The suspects were taken into custody on June 4. According to Ocean City police, the both bills had the same serial number, PR 10008679 P. Earlier that same day, police arrested another suspect in an unrelated drug distribution case, and they say that suspect was in possession of six counterfeit $100 bills which had the same phrases on them. They had a different serial number (CP 01105192 L).

Police are urging other business owners and employees of local businesses to take a close look at money being exchanged, and to be aware of the counterfeit indicators built in to the bill.

Investigators say prop currency sharing the same denomination and serial numbers have been passed in at least three other cases on the Maryland Eastern Shore, and there have been multiple cases throughout the United States.