Northern Virginia intersection getting a makeover

In northern Virginia, a busy intersection could get a makeover to make it less congested and safer.

The heavily traveled Prince William Parkway and Old Bridge Road is the focal point of a Virginia Department of Transportation study — now they’re asking residents to weigh in.

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July 17 is the deadline for residents to comment or offer feedback on how to make this intersection safer.

A FOX 5 drone captured moderate congestion mid-day Monday — it only gets worse during the morning and evening rush hours.

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FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports the most crashes, more than a hundred, along the one mile stretch of Prince William Parkway happened at Prince William Parkway and Old Bridge Road.

The area in question reportedly experiences massive congestion during the morning and evening peak periods.

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So far the state’s department of transportation has come up with four recommendations to address safety and congestion at the intersection including:

- Signal timing

- Reconfiguring to a “T” intersection

- Converting to a thru-cut intersection

- Constructing a flyover or interchange

VDOT’s study cost $150,000 to complete and evaluated congestion and critical safety needs.

Improvements identified as part of the study have yet to be funded.

The area studied along Prince William Parkway reportedly has between 35-50 thousand cars passing through a day.  Residents wishing to weigh in about this will first fill out an online survey on the state’s department of Transportation website.