Northern Virginia company calls on neighbors to support elderly

A Northern Virginia company is calling on the community to join them as cold weather companions for the elderly.

Now more than ever, during snow storms and dangerously cold temperatures, senior citizens need wellness checks.

A simple knock can mean the difference between life and death for the elderly.

Half of all hypothermia deaths happen in seniors who are over 60-year-old. In most cases, the deaths happen in their homes.

Fairfax County resident Eleo Worth is 86 years old and does most things on her own.

Even so, she appreciated her neighbors and home care aide Sydney checking on her, especially during these winter weather events.

"I'd be concerned about whether I have enough food. I'm always worried that the heat might go off. It hasn't happened this year," Worth said.

Checking in includes making sure seniors' homes have heat, the fridge is stocked, and prescriptions are filled.

Often seniors apparently don't feel the dip in degrees due to dementia or medication impacting awareness.

Precautions for older loved ones include writing identification information inside clothing, keeping recent photos with medical information, and considering a GPS tracking system designed for elderly patients.
To learn more about becoming a cold-weather companion, click here.