Virginia artist Shaboozey makes waves with Beyoncé Cowboy Carter features

Northern Virginia artist, Shaboozey is making new waves after recently being featured on Beyoncé's new album "Act II: Cowboy Carter."

The artist is featured on two songs, "Spaghettii" along with "Sweet Honey Buckiin'''', which have both been charted on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Born in Virginia, Shaboozey is a Nigerian-American singer and rapper. His single "Let It Burn" received over 8 million streams. His is a mixture of Hip-hop, country, rock, and Americana. He gained attention for "Start a Riot" with Duckwrth, from the soundtrack to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018.

Shaboozey recently released his new single "Bar Song (Tipsy)" ahead of the weekend after receiving his first two Billboard Hot 100 entries this week with Beyoncé.