North Texas man born on Feb. 29 has two Leap Day children

A North Texas dad born on Feb. 29 now has two children who were also born on Leap Day.

Casey Hahn said he's always enjoyed only having a real birthday once every four years.

"I turned 40 and 10 today," Hahn said.

But he insists having two leap year babies is purely a coincidence. The new baby girl, named Wells, was born on her natural due date by c-section. It's something Hahn's wife noticed could be a possibility.

"She was like, babe, it's going to be a leap year. I was like you've got to be kidding me. Since then we've known it might happen," Hahn said.

Wells' brother was born four years ago also by c-section, but, after mom started going into labor on Leap Day. Hahn also knows there are disadvantages to a leap year birthday.

"On my 15th birthday I went to get my permit, DPS. Lady was chewing her gum, and said, 'Honey, there ain't no 29th in my computer.' I was like, well, that's when I was born. She had to call Austin," Hahn said.

There are fewer Facebook birthday wishes.

"When there wasn't a leap year, Facebook wouldn't show my birthday. It would say tomorrow is Casey's birthday. Then it wouldn't show it March 1."

The Hahn's say there will be a big party for their three leap day birthdays that will only come around in four years. For this birthday, and the one before it, Hahn has been happy to celebrate at the hospital.

"You don't get a big party, but you get the best gift there could be."

Also notable -- this all happened inside a hospital that happened to also celebrate its leap day birthday on Monday. Medical Center of Lewisville opened the day Casey Hahn was born.