North Georgia residents are preparing for Irma

Counties are putting out tips and plans on their websites to keep residents safe. Condo associations are wanting residence to remove everything from their balcony is even tables. Friday, some in metro Atlanta said they are stocked up on all of the essentials just in case.

"So I got some bread some instant coffee, some granola bars and some snacks, some like jerky, tuna, juice, cereal, saltine crackers," said Melissa Echeverria who was shopping at the North Druid Hills Kroger.

A basic Echeverria and other shoppers at this Kroger, and other stores around the metro don't have is Water. Store shelves are empty and so are shopper's baskets, but there was plenty of Gatorade, juice, and wine, as many were quick to point out. Many said they didn't realize Irma was a threat to our area until Friday.

"My mom lives in Florida, and so she has it a little bit worse down there and so she's just giving me the weather updates because she's paying attention way more than I was," said Echevarria.

Now, Echevarria said she's ready for whatever weather may come our way.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence said it's important to have a safety plan along with all of that bread and water. So as you shop, ask yourself: where will you go if something does happen?

"People should make sure they have enough essential supplies in the event that the storm hits Atlanta hard," said Florence. "Safety is the number one priority of course."

Lauren said it's also important to know what you do you have in case the worst does happen.

"You also want to take an inventory of your home," said Florence. "The things that you will be asking insurance companies to replace you want to take an inventory, you want to take a video of your home, make a list of items, serial numbers for your electronics and receipts if you have them."

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