Non-profit gives Nevada boy with Down syndrome a service dog to help him become more independent

An unexpected gift for a Nevada family arrived on Mother's Day.

The non-profit group, 4-E Kennels, donated a service dog to the Butler family in Las Vegas. The Butler's young son, Cameron, has Down syndrome, and they said they needed a service dog to help him become more independent.

The family said they were overwhelmed at the generosity.

"We are so excited to be able to give this gift to Ashley and her family to help Cameron," said Jeanette Forrey, owner of 4E Kennel, "not only to be a companion and best friend for him as he grows, but also as a service dog."


The "gift" was delivered to the Bulter's family front door. The pup was inside a large box with a pink, heart-shaped balloon that read, "Happy Mother's Day."

The young members of the family squealed with excitement when they opened the box, and there were lots of cuddles.

The donation was made possible through the groups, "Healing Hearts Program," which has placed more than 15 service dogs in the past year with families in need.