‘No Slide Zone’ created to cut crime impacting kids in DC

Recent gun violence in D.C. that has taken the life of innocent young kids is now prompting the launch of a new effort called the: "No Slide Zone."

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Far too many neighborhoods in the District have to deal with the aftermath of a shooting. But after the news cameras leave, what's left is trauma and fear especially for young kids, many who are terrified to just step outside and play in their own neighborhoods.

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"You're afraid your child will go outside and never come back, maybe get hit by a stray bullet, or be in the wrong place at the wrong time," said mom Keya Strong.

Strong is a D.C. mother of 3 young kids, a 12, 13 and 3 year old. She says her worry about them getting shot is constant.

"I feel it's not safe for them, they can't even go out to the playground...we used to double Dutch in the parking lot we can't do that no more," said Strong.

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Vernette Croff is another mom in the South East neighborhood who's on edge.

"I'm most fearful my kids will get caught in the crossfire of a shooting," said Croff.

The shooting of 11 year Davon McNeal and other young children killed in the District, have motivated two community leaders Ronald Whaley and Duane Cunningham to step up.

"A lot of parents keep their kids inside because they're afraid they'll be shot, why should they have to live like that," said Cunningham.

They've create the "no slide zone," red and white signs, showing part of the D.C. flag that will be posted all along W Street in SE, particularly in neighborhoods with a lot of kids and elderly.

"If you come to this neighborhood and you see that sign I want you to pause for a minute. I want you to say...you know what, I'm about to shoot somebody but you know I see kids, I see a woman, people taking the trash out and my bullet don't have no names.... just Think about what you want to do," said Cunningham.

"No slide zone is basically a shield of armor, a shield of respect... it's all about the community holding each other accountable," said Whaley.

"Don't slide into our neighborhood and start shooting" ...that's the message.

Cunningham and Whaley are confident, given the relationships they've created in their communities that these signs will be respected, but they say it takes a village.

"This is the first neighborhood, but we want to be all over...Maryland, Virginia. We don't want this to be something that just stops in this one neighborhood but we can't do it by ourselves, we can't do it alone," said Cunningham.

The community leaders are also passing out T-shirt's. The goal is to spread the word about what THE NO SLIDE ZONE means. And again, it's about the community holding each other accountable.