New video shows wild turkey harassing biker along Anacostia trail

Authorities in D.C. are searching for a male turkey that has been spotted chasing after and even attacking people on the popular Anacostia Riverwalk Trail in Northeast.

New video sent to FOX 5 from De’De’ Folarin, one of the lead vocalists for D.C.'s popular Go-Go band Rare Essence, shows another biker being harassed by the turkey. The video was sent into FOX 5 on Wednesday. Folarin says the incident in the video happened earlier in April.

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This is the second video capturing the turkey attacking a cyclist. In both videos the cyclists were forced to use their bikes to defend themselves.

The person who shot the first video, Antoine Keels, told FOX 5 the bird was persistent with its attacks. "Every time he tries to get back on his bike, it literally is attacking him," said Keels.

These two incidents aren't the only ones either. The Washington Post published an article detailing several attacks. Local blog PoPville posted about it too.

In fact, it’s become enough of an issue that authorities posted a sign with a picture of a wild turkey alongside the trail, reading, "Caution! Do not approach wildlife."


Dan Rauch, a fisheries and wildlife biologist with the District’s Department of Energy and Environment, said there are actually more than 100 wild turkeys throughout the city. He said one male is responsible for the attacks, adding that it’s "not usual turkey behavior" and he believes this specific bird has somehow become acclimated to people. 

He also told FOX 5 that despite the efforts of several agencies, the turkey has proved elusive thus far.