New video shows rioters smashing windows, destroying vehicles during Inauguration Day protests

More than 200 videos that the prosecution used in the trial against protesters charged for the Inauguration Day riots in the nation's capital have been released.

The newly-released video comes from police body-worn cameras, various cell phones and other cameras that were used in the government's case in December against six people who were eventually acquitted on rioting and destruction of property charges related to the protests that took place on Jan. 20, 2017 when President Donald Trump was being inaugurated.

Some of the footage shows aerial shots showing hundreds of protesters about marching on the streets of downtown Washington D.C. Many were seen wearing masks and dark clothing knocking over newspaper stands in their path, throwing objects and smashing glass windows at businesses, spray-painting and destroying vehicles and throwing objects at police officers.

The attorneys for the six defendants acquitted argued that their clients did not take part in the violence that broke out that day, but were instead exercising their First Amendment rights. They said there was no criminal intent behind them protesting.

There are 188 other defendants facing similar charges will also be tried.

It is unclear whether the newly-released videos will be used as evidence in the upcoming court cases.