New lawsuit against Prince George's County Police alleges false arrest, assault

The Prince George's County Police Department is being sued by a 21-year-old man who says officers illegally searched and arrested him without any justifiable reason.

A little over two weeks ago, in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 3rd, Umar Ali says he was leaving an event when he came across a checkpoint along Sweitzer Lane in Laurel. 

Ali says at the checkpoint, he gave officers his license and registration. Then, when the officers asked if he had a gun, Ali says he said ‘yes,’ and that he had a permit for it.

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"Wasn’t thinking nothing of it. I wasn’t hesitant to go into it because it was just like I had no reason to be nervous or hesitant," he said. "When they pulled me out of the car, and they put me on the curb, I’m explaining to the cop to read the back of my permit which will tell you I have no restrictions on my permit. He’s sitting up there trying to tell me it’s fake and that the car is stolen and this and that. That’s the frustrating part."

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There’s cell phone video of the incident. Ali says he had to receive medical treatment after being put in handcuffs because his wrists were bruised. 

His attorney, Malik Shabazz, says officers are required to contact the Maryland Gun Center prior to any law enforcement actions being taken, which did not happen in this case. That’s why Ali is suing the Prince George’s County Police Department and officers for assault and battery, false arrest, and false imprisonment. 

He is also seeking $500,000 in damages.


"The humiliation, the embarrassment, what he has to be subjected to in the public, this court of law places a value on that. His dignity was stripped," Shabazz said. 

A notice was filed with Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office. FOX 5 is waiting to hear back from them as well as the Prince George's County Police Department.

The Prince George’s County Executive’s Office sent a statement stating they do not comment on pending litigation.