New Jersey man escapes after being abducted by carjacker in Southeast DC, police say

A suspect is in custody, police say, after a man from New Jersey on a weekend trip to D.C. says he was abducted and carjacked Saturday.

D.C. police say at around 11 p.m. Saturday, they got a call reporting the carjacking in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast.

Christopher Lisi says at around 10:30 p.m. he was visiting D.C. for the weekend with his girlfriend and went to a gas station and a smoke shop while she was at their Airbnb.

"I left my car running and went inside and I heard the car revving outside while I was in the store making a purchase. I go to see why my car was revving, and a man gets out of the car and he points a gun at me, tells me to get in, and we are going for a ride," he said.

Lisi is lucky to be alive -- and to have his girlfriend's car back after he was held up at gunpoint and abducted by the carjacker.

Lisi told police the carjacker, now identified as 23-year-old Trevonte Barnes, reportedly threatened to kill him and made him drive them around for 20 minutes, stopping several times to make him undress, and give him his clothes and other belongings.

"I think he wanted to make sure I didn't have anything I could hurt him with or retaliate with. And he wanted to see if I had anything valuable. So he took everything, my keys, my phone, made me change my password, he took my wallet, my ipad in the back," he said.

"His attention wasn't on me at all times throughout the ride because he was looking for things so I knew if I had 5 seconds where he was preoccupied that I would have my chance to just get up and go and luckily he was instructing me to get out of the car at one point."

Lisi says they made a stop in Southeast D.C. where he was reportedly was able to jump out of the car and ran several blocks before stopping a driver and calling police.

Officers say they received a call from a witness reporting they had seen a man armed with a gun forcing a man into a vehicle but didn't find anything at the time.

"I think he tried to steal the car but because it's a push start I had the keys on me, so you cant go anywhere. So thinking back on it I probably should have just stayed and called the cops but I was reactionary," he said.

Police say Barnes got away on foot, heading toward Anacostia Park but arrested him hours later at a bus stop. Police say they found Barnes had a weapon on him when they arrested him.

Lisi says Airbnb gave him a refund after the whole incident. He and his girlfriend are now on their way back to New Jersey.