New gas concerns by some Flower Branch Apartments residents nearly 3 years after deadly explosion

Residents at the Flower Branch apartments held a press conference Wednesday evening revealing more concerns regarding natural gas nearly three years after a gas explosion damaged the complex and left several dead.

Some residents claim they smell gas again and that management is ignoring their concerns.

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Earlier this year, National Transportation Safety Board officials said a mercury service regulator that was not connected to its vent line was the source of a gas leak that led to the deadly explosion and fire.

The Aug. 10, 2016 explosion killed seven people, including two children, and left many more injured. The damaged building was replaced by a new building that is still under construction.

Washington Gas sent the following statement regarding the allegations:

They added that they detected and repaired three minor leaks in February, as well as one in May. Washington Gas also says they will be making other major changes at the complex later this year, including moving the regulators outside.

FOX 5 reached out to apartment management but we have yet to hear back.