NEVER CHANGE: Swiftie weather forecast doesn't go unnoticed by Taylor Swift

UPDATE, 7/14 1:53 pm: It's night two, and Mike hasn't forgotten you, Swifties. His forecast for TUESDAY is at the very top of this page! (Mobile users, click here to watch)

When it comes to weather for night one of the BIG Taylor Swift show at Nationals Park, there's one thing Swifties want to know: Are we out of the woods yet? With rain and cloudy skies looming, FOX 5's Mike Thomas has the answer in this official Swiftie forecast for Monday night's DC show.

Here's a hint: we think it's OK to be fearless. And if it rains a little, just shake it off.

And yes, he did just use 10 different references to seven DIFFERENT Taylor Swift songs in one weather forecast. It's guaranteed to never go out of style.


Mike's special forecast didn't go unnoticed. Before Swift hit the stage, she tweeted our YouTube video of his Swiftie forecast and a special message as well!

However, the early rising weatherman is now struggling with his newfound attention and popularity.