Neighbor takes drastic measures in Northwest dog poop dispute

A neighborly dispute over dog poop is playing out on a single sign posted on a telephone pole in D.C.’s Burlieth neighborhood in Northwest.

The allegation and implication on the sign: One neighbor is pouring grease on dog poop, presumably trying to get other dogs to eat it.

"To the neighbor that pours grease on dog waste, I will post your name if you don’t stop. I know you think this is funny and will annoy dog owners that don’t pick up after their dog but it is just wrong," the sign says.

The sign encourages community members to reach out to the D.C. government if the grease-pouring neighbor is upset about other neighbors not cleaning up after their dogs.

FOX 5 reached out to multiple veterinarians, D.C. Police and D.C. 311. It’s unclear if any dogs have been sickened because of this alleged act.

FOX 5 spoke with one veterinarian who says grease can cause many issues for dogs, such as vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, and in some cases, pancreatitis.

Dog owners on the Burlieth/Glover Park line said they were upset at the prospect of their dog potentially getting sick because of the grease.

"Huh? That’s pretty disgusting. I hope they stop doing that," Maddie Dolan said.

"It’s diabolical. I mean, it’s straight out of a Disney villain character. I had no idea about it," said Peter McCluskey. "People should clean up after their dogs, but, you know, they shouldn’t do that to other dogs, because who’s going to be affected? The other dogs."