NC man turned his first car into Ghostbusters Ecto-1 replica

Something strange, on a North Carolina roadway… Who ya gonna call?

You can call Justin Parker, the North Carolina man who converted his car into a replica of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle.

Parker said he purchased the 1992 Ford Taurus station wagon for $600, then added odds and ends, turning it into one of the most iconic movie cars ever.

"It needed a brake caliper and a serpentine belt," Parker explained. "But you add in a propane tank, an old mop bucket... A coffee can and a tripod piece. A coffee can? Of all things... I just kinda went with what I could find around the house and what I could find at thrift stores and salvage yards."

The most surprising thing may be that he was not even a fan of the film when he bought the car.

"Well, I'd watched the movie once and kinda hadn't got into it, that's when it really hit me," he explained.

Now, however, he has the whole get-up, including a proton pack. Parker said the best part about the car, is that it makes people smile.

"Everybody needs to smile. As crazy as things are today? Everybody needs a little smile and happiness in their life," Parker said.

This unique vehicle was actually Parker's first car. He didn't even have his license when he bought it, and he used it to take his driver's test.