Nats park has the most expensive beer in the MLB: study

Nationals fans should anticipate spending some extra cash at home games if they enjoy watching America’s pastime with a cold one. A new study found that Nationals Park serves the most expensive beer in major league baseball. 

The study, conducted by betting and predictions news site FlashPicks, ranked all 30 MLB stadiums according to beer price. Nationals Park ranked first with a staggering price tag of $14.99 per beer. 

The average Nats fan will spend $1,214.19 if they intend to purchase a beer at every home game this season. A beer at Nationals Park costs nearly double the league average of $6.95. The Nationals beat out the next most expensive stadiums in Boston and Chicago by over $4, with the Red Sox and White Sox both charging $10.50 per beer.

The Baltimore Orioles ranked fifth in the study with a price tag of $10.11 per beer. Nearby rivals Philadelphia Phillies ranked tenth in the study at $7.69 per beer.