Napa officers buy TV for Raiders fan

An 82-year-old Napa man was unable to watch his favorite sport, football, until the Napa Police Department knocked on his door.

During a welfare check the Napa Police Department noticed a broken television in Odell Taylor's home.
The officers decided to help the altruistic senior citizen. Taylor himself has helped many as a dedicated licensed vocational nurse and caretaker.

After a bit of work, the Napa Police Officers Association was able to donate money for a brand new television for Taylor. The police even made a house call and set it up for him.

Taylor is very grateful to the Napa Police Department and his neighbors, who like to keep a watchful eye on him.

After the Napa Police Department shared the story on social media, many citizens reached out with their own kind words and offers.

Taylor has been proposed "meals on wheels", as well as tickets to a local football game.

Now Taylor can continue to watch football and cheer for his favorite team, the Raiders, as they go against the Broncos in Sunday's game.