Naked man angers neighbors by standing at door to home

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - People in Charlotte, North Carolina are fed up with a man who stands at his front door naked.

Upset neighbors milling outside his home are glad he closed his door for a while.

Police say he's doing nothing illegal as long as he stays on his own property.

He's even stood there in the nude talking on his cell phone.

Local reports don't identify the man, but, neighbors now have pictures of him.

The homeowners' association might be able to stop him for causing a nuisance on his own property.

"It's not good to have people walking around here naked like that. A grown man like that with all these kids out here you know," said neighbor Pecolia Threatt.

"I don't let them go outside and play. I have to keep them inside the house because that's really inappropriate for young kids to see stuff like that," said Adrienna Harris, who also lives nearby.

"Because what's actually happening is this particular neighbor is making it difficult for people and adjoining neighbors to have the quiet enjoyment of their homes," said city council member Greg Phipps.

Police records show they've been called about this man four times this year.

Neighbors say he's been doing this for a decade.