'N-Word House' search on Google Maps takes users to White House

A racial controversy involving a search of Google Maps is growing after some users say they can put in a derogatory term for African-Americans and it takes them to the White House.

The incident was discovered by a Twitter user who learned of it from a Howard University alumni group.

When the phrase, 'N-word house' is typed, the map took the user to the Commander-in-Chief's home.

It appears as though Google allows anyone to manually add locations to its map software, however, the company has suspended user ability to submit edits at this time.

A spokesperson for the company says inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be there. Officials with the company apologized and say they are working to fix the issue.

Google says they will have an update by May 27. In the meantime, users should report mistakes and inappropriate material using the app.