Motions Hearing for Ross Harris

Prosecutors say a Cobb County father engaged in sexually-explicit social media conversations with minors, even on the day he left his son in a hot car to die.


Detective Phil Stoddard of the Cobb County police department read several conversations from a social media app called KIK in open court, where Ross Harris allegedly asked a 17-year-old girl to send him a picture of her lower private part. The detective said Harris met the girl online when she was 16-years-old and knew exactly how old she was, but deceived the teen of his age.

Prosecutors also introduced evidence that Harris requested and successfully received a picture of another minor's lower body part. They say Harris engaged in affairs and wanted to escape his married life and saw his son, Cooper, as in the way of enjoying his life.

Defense attorneys first wanted the indictment thrown out because they said prosecutors were too general with the sexting dates. The judge denied that motion, so the defense then argued to sever the three counts dealing with sexting and the teen.

The defense told the judge prosecutors were orchestrating a smear campaign against Harris. They forced Detective Stoddard to admit Harris made it clear to the underage girl that he loved his wife and did not plan to leave her. Defense Attorney Maddox Kilgore maintains the child's death on June 18th of 2014 was an accident.