Mother of Loudoun County sex assault defendant weeps after son enters plea

The mother of a Loudoun County teen at the center of two different sex assault cases over the course of mere months wept after her son pleaded "no contest" in the second case at Broad Run High School.

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"He is young and has a lot to learn. His brain is still developing. He is prepared to be better and do better and I hope he’s given the opportunity to do so," she told FOX 5’s Sierra Fox.

In October, the boy was found guilty in connection with the first case, which occurred at Stone Bridge High School in May.

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On Monday, he entered a "no contest plea" to charges including abduction and sexual battery.

Prosecutors say the victim in the second case joked about the boy being late for class, at which point he looked around and then pulled her into an empty classroom.

The teen didn’t strangle the victim, they say, but he put his arm around her back and mouth, making it difficult for her to breath.

He told he was mad about the joke she’d made and worried about his reputation. 

The two were in the classroom for about 10 minutes, and within that span of time he put his hand inside her shirt.

The victim was able to escape from the suspect, and she text her friends about what had happened before contacting school resources.

The boy admitted to pushing her into a classroom, saying he did touch her on top of her clothing. He denied putting his hands over her face and neck.

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Elicia Brand, a spokesperson for the victim’s family, provided a statement following the plea entry:

"We feel shortly vindicated in that we feel justice will be served. We look forward to the next court date. There is more for us to do to hold the school and anyone else involved accountable."