Mother, daughter escape attempted carjacking in Hickory

A man is in jail after deputies say he tried to car jack a woman who was dropping her daughter off at the bus stop Friday morning in Hickory.

The mother and her 14 year old daughter ended up hopping on board a school bus to escape the suspect, who deputies later said was armed with an Airsoft revolver, similar to a BB gun.

Mee Chang said it wasn't exactly motherly instinct that kicked in. In fact, she was frozen with fear when the suspect started barking orders at her and her daughter, while they were in the car in their driveway.

But Chang's daughter urged her to hit the gas, so she did. Chang said, "He's right there, so what am iI going to do--drive? Or what? I don't know. I was scared because my daughter said, 'Mommy, just drive. Just drive.' Ok, I don't know, so yeah, I drove down to the neighbor."

The two got on board with about 15 other kids who were already inside. The bus driver called 911.

And in less than an hour, after a manhunt, sheriff's deputies had the suspect, Wesley Wright Jr. in custody.

Warrants were issued for Wright charging him with felony attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor resisting a public officer.