More than 500 pounds of explosives stolen off Detroit-bound CSX train

More than 500 pounds of commercial grade fireworks were stolen off a CSX train bound for Detroit, but federal authorities found most of the cargo early Saturday.

About 15 to 20 pounds were recovered in southwest Detroit near the CSX Depot on the southwest side, according to Donald Dawkins of CSX. The 32 case commercial grade aerial shells are categorized as not for public use.

Dawkins says a resident's tip led city and federal investigators to the discarded boxes.

ATF confirms to Fox News that it is investigating the theft of 32 cases of commercial grade fireworks off of a Detroit-bound CSX train that originated in Chicago. Fox is told the theft was discovered yesterday and the agency is in the initial part of its investigation.

The more than 500 pounds made up about half of the cargo on the train, discovered stolen Wednesday night and reported to the ATF Thursday.

An ATF official tells Fox that investigators believe the theft may have occurred when the train made a stop in Ohio on the way to its final destination.

This official explains the explosives that were stolen are very dangerous and pose a great risk to the public. The explosives were described to Fox as 2 ½ to 5 inch aerial fireworks that are regulated. As this official explained, handlers must have a permit before using and they are not to be set off by the general public, only professionals.

Fox is told that, at this time, there are no indications that the theft is terrorism related.

ATF is asking anyone with information on the theft to call 313-202-3400. The investigation is being led by ATF's Detroit field office.

The ATF is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.