Smoking fentanyl now fueling more overdoses than injecting, CDC study shows

There are growing concerns about people now smoking fentanyl.

Law enforcement in northern Virginia is sounding the alarm about the new dangerous trend some people are turning to.

New research indicates that more people are dying from smoking the dangerous drug rather than injecting it. The new study released just days ago by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, examined how Americans took the drugs that killed them. 

The CDC says the illicit fentanyl has "increasingly been cut into heroin" and it's driving the U.S. opioid epidemic.

Michael Molthan found sobriety after a lifelong battle with addiction. He’s dedicated his life to helping others by raising awareness and sharing his story.

"Partially it’s impacted me in a good way because I’m here, thank God, talking to you. I finally made that choice to choose a sober life but it’s also a very difficult road and our message is to give people hope that they don't have to live that way," Molthan told FOX 5.

 The CDC reportedly studied the dangerous trend using death certificates, toxicology reports and reports from medical examiners.