Montgomery County School Board facing pressure to release unredacted Beidleman report

The pressure is on for the Montgomery County School Board to release the full underacted, unedited inspector general’s report into the sexual harassment scandal that has rocked Maryland’s largest school district

Council President Andrew Friedson tells FOX 5 that he wants that full report out before Feb. 8. 

That’s when the county council scheduled a public oversight hearing with the inspector general who’s been investigating the sexual harassment scandal at MCPS

But so far the MCPS Board of Education is refusing to release the full report.


Is MCPS still a premier school district?

What happened to Montgomery County Public Schools? The county leaders FOX 5 spoke with still believe this is the premier school district, but want some serious changes.

The redacted version released last week laid out a history of ignored sexual harassment complaints and inaction by Montgomery County school officials against former Principal Joel Beidelman. 

The council president told FOX 5 Monday that "full transparency" depends on making the full report public. Without it, officials and the public wouldn’t know the full scope of the problem.

"We would like to see the unrelated report, and a report that is at least less redacted than the one that's been shared publicly should be shared publicly and I share that view," Friedson said. 

Photo via Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education 

On FOX 5’s "On The Hill" Sunday Councilmember Evan Glass said the full report could show if anyone participated in a cover-up of the sexual assault allegations. And while the board of ed wants superintendent Monica McKnight to resign, the parent's coalition of Montgomery County says the council could use its powers to subpoena the unredacted report or remove board members.

"They have a process for all of these things, for subpoenas, for putting people under oath, for removing board members, they need to start the ball rolling and stop whining," said Janis Zink Sartucci, president of Montgomery Parents Coalition.


Former MCPS principal Beidleman out amidst controversy and ongoing investigations

On the same day a second inspector general report was released, Montgomery County Public Schools Spokesperson Chris Cram confirmed the former MCPS middle school principal at the center of the controversy is now out.  

"Montgomery County Public Schools are the reason so many people have moved to Montgomery County," Glass said. "We’re the 15th largest school district in the nation and have some of the best schools. Look, we know all that, but does she need to be removed from that job? So that is a decision for the school board to decide."

When the county council opens hearings next week, inspector general Megan Davey Limarzi will testify. However, it’s still unclear which Montgomery County school officials will appear. 

A spokesperson for MCPS referred FOX 5’s questions on the unredacted report to the board of education, and we have not heard back.