Montgomery County leaders push Maryland Gov. Hogan to provide more monkeypox vaccinations

Montgomery County leaders held their first monkeypox town hall Monday night to push Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to provide them with more vaccinations.

Health leaders say they recently asked Hogan for an additional 2,000 doses of the vaccine. It's not clear how many they'll actually receive.

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In the meantime, the county is working on a monkeypox data dashboard similar to their COVID-19 dashboard. 

The town hall latest about 90 minutes. Dr. James Bridgers, Montgomery County's acting chief health officer, said during the virtual meeting that case demographics, the number of vaccines administered, current risk profiles and local positive transmission data should be available on the MPX portal and the county's portal "sometime next week."

The county has also created a monkeypox helpline locals can call with any questions or concerns related to the disease. The number is 240-777-1555.

Monkeypox is an infection caused by a virus that can spread to anyone through close, personal, or skin-to-skin contact. More information on the monkeypox virus can be found online.