Montgomery County eliminates middle school final exams; considers dropping high school finals

The Montgomery County Board of Education endorsed a plan Tuesday that will eliminate final exams in middle school for this coming school year.

The Board will also consider phasing out high school final exams beginning as soon as spring of the upcoming year.

"We have heard from many parents who are deeply concerned about the amount of instructional time that is lost to testing," Patricia B. O'Neill, president of the Board, said in a statement released online.

"This plan will increase instructional time while ensuring we continue to have the data and information we need to provide supports and services to our students and to monitor how our district is performing," she continued.

Currently, final exams are required for most high school courses and are given in some middle school courses.

The two-hour exams generally count for 25 percent of a student's grade.

Under the plan presented Tuesday, middle school final exams would be eliminated and replaced with assessments like tests, essays, and projects.


VIEW THE DISTRICT'S ASSESSMENT PLAN:$file/Assessment%20Strategy.pdf