Montgomery County alcohol distributors fight proposed legislation

Alcohol distributors in Montgomery County are fighting proposed legislation that could impact the way some buy alcohol.

On Wednesday some individuals in Montgomery County sounded off on a proposed bill that would allow alcohol mega chain 'Total Wine' to open up a store in the county.

As of right now, alcohol is not allowed to be sold in chain or grocery stores.

The MC 20-17 bill would allow stores that already have a class a license to sell beer and wine in the county to get a second one so they could open up another location.

A meeting that was held in front of the Montgomery County delegation allowed opposers of the bill to voice their opinions, and it also allowed supporters to voice their reasons wanting it.

The biggest stumbling block in making any changes to rules in the county involving alcohol is it would ultimately take away money from the 31 million dollars the county pulls in every year, under the way the laws are set up now.

County delegates will take up the issue in January when they meet again. if approved, it will then head back to the county council for a vote.