Minnesota man opens heart and home to 'misfit' dogs

Lary Schuette packs his home with 14 dogs that all were chosen because they face some big challenges. Many are in wheelchairs with only two legs that work, others have no legs at all. But Schuette doesn’t see the wrongs, because he thinks all of them are just right. 

He started helping disabled dogs about six years ago. When asked what his goal is with each of them, Schuette said, "Just have a happy life. And what we found with that is they return it to people. Make ‘em smile." 

The group loves adventures, especially the five we met today. "Buddha Bear" is spunky, "Hairy Larry" brings a ton of joy to all that meet him, "Curious George" is the rebel of the family, and "Jordy" is sweet and getting stronger every day thanks to "Helping Hunter;" a fully able-bodied dog that Schuette says is a service dog for dogs. 

Hunter helps pull Jordy in her wheelchair, so she can get strong enough to be on two wheels instead of four. Most of the pups were injured in falls, run over by a car, or simply born with some sort of challenge. But their spirit and character shine brighter than any sort of disability.  

The dogs like parades, festivals, and connecting with people who roll along as they do. 

"I get a lot of happy tears as they call it. They feel sad for them but happy for them. Inspiration for others," Schuette said. 

While most of the dogs were rescued from euthanasia, Schuette says he’s the one who feels rescued. 

"The love they show back and the happiness," Schuette shakes his head while crying a bit. 

You can’t help but smile watching them find their own sort of freedom, like they have the world by their tail, like nothing is wrong at all. Medical bills for the dogs run about eight hundred a month.  If you’d like to help, visit their GoFundMe here.