Midwife discovers that she delivered her assistant 19 years earlier

(FOX NEWS) - A midwife in training made a shocking discovery after helping deliver her first baby: her instructor had delivered her 19 years earlier.

Laura Woffendin from Pontefract, England had always dreamed of working in the medical field. Her grandmother had been a midwife, and when she passed away, Laura followed in her footsteps. "I inherited her community midwife bag and everything inside it, along with her midwifery badges and books. That decided it for me," Laura told SWNS.

Laura, who comes from a family of nurses, began studying to be a midwife. She recently helped deliver her first baby, assisting Emma Reevell, an experienced midwife. Laura was unaware of their connection until she mentioned her mentor's name to her mother.

"I was so excited to tell my mom all about it when I got home. When she then told me that Emma was the midwife who had delivered me, I couldn't believe it," Laura told SWNS. Laura's mom was able to find an old photo from her birth, showing Emma standing next to a newborn Laura and her mother.

The next day Laura brought the photo to Emma, who couldn't believe her eyes.

"I was amazed when Laura showed me the picture, Emma told SWNS. "It's crazy to think that this small child I brought into the world is now training to be a midwife. It's a lovely feeling though and makes it all a little bit more special."

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