MGM, other defendants are ‘delaying justice' in electric shock case, attorneys say

Attorneys for the family of a little girl severely injured by an electric shock at MGM National Harbor say MGM and the other defendants are delaying justice to the family.

The lawyers say MGM and its contractors filed a motion saying they couldn't respond to the lawsuit because the allegations were not specific enough.

The family's lawyers say the move is a delay tactic.

In a statement, MGM told FOX 5 it is still trying to reach an amicable solution with the family.

A judge has not yet ruled on MGM's motion asking Zynae Green's family to be more specific in the lawsuit.

MGM also says they are reinstalling the railings where Green was shocked.

According to the lawsuit, the child was with her parents and two siblings when she shocked and went into cardiac arrest during the incident.

The lawsuit names both MGM National Harbor and MGM National Grand as defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Zynae Green wasn't the only person injured when she touched the rail. The lawsuit also says at least two other family members - Carlos Green, Jr. and Monya Rosier - each suffered serious injuries.

Carlos Green Jr., who is 5 years old, and Monya Rosier, who is 16 years old, were both hospitalized for days as a result of their injuries, but have been discharged, according to the lawsuit.