Metro's most unreliable railcars - the 4000-series - to be retired, scrapped

The railcars considered by Metro to be the most unreliable will be retired on Wednesday.

The 4000-series railcars will be taken out of service and transported to Baltimore where they will be scrapped.

These cars travel an average of only 27,259 miles between delays. The best performing cars, the 6000-series, are nearly four times more reliable and travel more than 103,000 miles between delays.

Metro has been in the process of retiring its oldest railcars, the 1000-series, since February 2016, and replacing them with new 7000-series railcars. More than half of the 1000-series fleet has been retired to date.

Metro General Manage Paul Wiedefeld is working to have all 1000 and 4000-series railcars out of service by the end of this year.