Metrobus has more safety, security incidents than any other major US bus system

New data suggests that Metrobus has more safety and security incidents - resulting in more injuries to passengers - than any other major bus system in the U.S.

The figures collected compared Metrobus to nine other bus systems across the country - including those in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia. In several categories Metrobus was considered less safe as measured by billion passenger trips. Metrobus came in near the bottom in three major categories: collisions, passenger injuries and security incidents.

"It's not just about Metrobus. It's about the city the buses are operating in - and D.C., like other cities, has had its share of crime problems," said WAMU Transportation Reporter and FOX 5 Contributor Martin Di Caro.

One of the biggest problems being addressed by Metro officials concerning safety on buses is assaults on drivers.

"Usually that results from a confrontation between a passenger and the bus operator when the passenger doesn't want to pay a fare. To try to alleviate this problem," Di Caro said, "Metro is putting more undercover officers on buses on the most troublesome routes."