Metro workers union holding vote to decide if union leaders should pursue strike

Metro workers union Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689 is holding a meeting on Sunday to decide if union management has clearance from workers to pursue a strike.

This comes after a continued dispute over employees being required to work overtime.

It is not clear when the vote will be finalized, however, the vote could affect mass transit during an upcoming busy week in DC. The All-Star game is being held on Tuesday at Nationals Park in Southeast DC.

While Metro workers are not allowed to strike, they have been reporting late to work in protest.

There were Metro bus service delays on July Fourth, as bus and train operators have been reporting late to work as part of an "unauthorized labor action" by their Union.

Metro says other staff, including qualified managers or supervisors "are covering some assignments where possible to support service for customers; however, we are seeing some sporadic delays on Metrobus."

Union officials say more than 2,000 members have already cast their vote Sunday and they expect thousands more.