Metro GM to perform internal review of the entire system

On Wednesday, Metro's Board Chairman Jack Evans discussed the idea of closing down an entire line of the Metro in order to complete some massive repairs.

Metro's General Manager Paul Weidfeld responded to those comments through a letter after getting many questions from riders.

"A review is underway of the entire system. It will take 4-6 weeks to complete," Weidfeld's letter read. He also promised to keep riders informed if service changes are needed that will affect riders commute.

So although there are no set in stone plans so far to shut down a line of the metro, Evans seems to think closing a line may be needed.

If Metro was to close down a line, this wouldn't be the first a major line shut down in the United States.
Back in 2013, the Chicago transit authority decided it had to shut down its redline for 5 months to make some massive repairs.

The CTA added free shuttle buses to transfer to other lines and added many more buses along the line that was shut down.

Media Reports indicate it would have taken four years to make the repairs in Chicago on the weekend; instead it took 5 months with a complete shutdown.

Many Metro riders said they would support the shut down if that meant it would just be shut town for the time being and then back up and running without any more problems. Others said that the Metro line shut down would be a problem for them since they do not have any other way to get around.

In a twitter poll, 53% of people who responded said they would support the metro line shutting down for months in order to make major repairs, 47% said no.