Metro could close entire line for months to do major repairs

What would you do if the Metro line you use every day was shut down for months?

You may need to start coming up with a plan if Metro officials decide to shut down specific lines in order to make some very necessary mechanical repairs to the transit system.

Chairman Jack Evans told FOX5 on Wednesday that closing the system for a few hours at night and on the weekends is not enough to do the major repairs needed.

A full review of the system is underway, if Metro's general manager comes back after his review and says that an entire line on the Metro needs to be shut down, than the board will stay behind him.

Although this is not a done deal, Evans says that the Metro system has been neglected for so long, that this may be the only way to make needed repairs.

There is no word on which lines need the most work, the General Managers review of the system should be done in six weeks.

Evans says if there is a need to shut down a line. Local leaders along that line will be notified and buses will be enhanced to help get people around.