Megyn Kelly one-on-one with Donald Trump: 'Trump like I've never seen'

FOX's Megyn Kelly went one-on-one with Donald Trump for the first time since they famously feuded during a debate last summer.

She spoke with FOX 5's Steve Chenevey and Ronica Cleary about what to expect.


She wasn't hurt by the punches Donald Trump threw at her on social media - but the experience wasn't pleasant, she said when she joined us LIVE Tuesday for a preview of the much anticipated interview.

"I'm glad that it's hopefully over now. That was one of the reasons I wanted to reach out to him and have that meeting that we had at Trump Towers in which Ii asked him to do this interview. Because as you know as journalist you don't want to be the story - you want to tell the story. So it's been a surreal year in that regard," she said.


Kelly said the context for her interview with Trump is much different than what we see in a debate setting or what we see on her show. The debates, she said, call for "the Olympics of questioning." The 'Kelly File' is a LIVE, rapid fire, program. This interview, she said, was a long form, thoughtful exchange that allowed her to show the audience who this human being is.

"I think you'll learn a lot about Trump, his temperament and maybe his ability to be empathetic," she told us.


I'm not really going to talk about my own opinion of Trump because it's not really appropriate as a news anchor. But I will say - I've watch the interview back now - several times, and even having done it, I find it riveting. To me it's Trump like I've never seen," Kelly said.

She said there is a very powerful dynamic between her and Trump - including many tense moments.