Mean mugging: Baby appears extremely unamused in adorable newborn photo shoot

Baby Luna did not look the slightest bit amused during her adorable newborn photo shoot showing the 3-week-old infant glowering at the camera.

While Luna appeared to be displeased, photographer Justine Tuhy said she was “just very relaxed and chill.” 

Tuhy posted photos of Luna on her social media accounts, and naturally, they got a ton of attention. 

“Two weeks new... Luna!! She wasn’t impressed with this whole newborn photo session thing so she wanted to be awake and watch my every move!” Tuhy wrote on Instagram.

“I knew in the moment of capturing the photos that her personality was shining throughout,” Tuhy said. “She did all the amazing work with her adorable facial expressions.”

Luna's mother, Lori says they knew their daughter made her iconic mean mugging face a lot but was not prepared for her "trying to take over the world" photo.

"My husband plans on embarrassing her with them later. But i don’t know, the girl appears to have plans for the world," said Musa.

Tuhy said that Luna was extremely content throughout the entire session and actually fell asleep for the first setup. 

Tuhy never thought her photos would go viral and feels humbled that she was able to share the baby’s “unique and expressive” personality. 

“I hope that she is able to look back on this when she is older and see the joy she has brought so many around the world,” said Tuhy.