Md. student charged with bringing pot brownies to school after 2 students hospitalized

A Maryland high school student has been charged with distributing marijuana brownies that made two fellow classmates sick at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County police say 18-year-old William Conrad Keysar is facing criminal charges that include two counts of distributing a controlled and dangerous substance and two counts of distributing on school property.

If convicted, the senior student could face up to 50 years in prison.

Keysar was charged back on November 25 after police say he was distributing marijuana-laced brownies inside the school before Thanksgiving.

Two female students who ate the brownies became sick. They went to the school nurse complaining of symptoms that included confusion and elevated heart rates. They were taken by ambulance to Holy Cross Hospital where they were treated.

A school resource officer identified Keysar as the alleged source of those marijuana brownies. He was criminally charged Montgomery County police.

"Anytime we have somebody distributing any kind of narcotics on school property, it's a very serious issue," said Montgomery County Police Officer Rick Goodale. "As far as the way it was done, I wouldn't say it's common, but it does happen."

"We're in the very beginning, this is the investigatory stage," said David Moyse, Keysar's attorney. "He's a young kid. He's 18 years old. He's still in high school and it's really unfortunate that he's facing such a serious situation at such a young age."

Montgomery County Public Schools issued a statement that said:

"This matter was immediately referred to police who investigated and charged the student. We've also addressed it as a disciplinary matter with the students involved."

Keysar's lawyer said his client is not able to go to school while these criminal charges are pending and no court date has been set.