Md. Governor Larry Hogan among prominent Republicans skipping GOP convention

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan visited the city of Gaithersburg on Monday where he toured Novavax, Inc., a vaccine facility.

Hogan is one of many prominent Republicans who are skipping this year's Republican National Convention. FOX 5 caught up with Hogan at the facility and asked him why exactly he decided to skip the convention.

Hogan expressed that he doesn't have much to do with Cleveland, but he has a lot to do with Maryland. He explained he is focused on Maryland and has a very busy schedule. He noted that he plans to spend time in every county in Maryland during his time as governor.

"Governor Pence is a good friend of mine. We serve on the National Governor's Association together and we're in the Republican Governor's Association," Hogan said. "But I don't have any comments other than that. He's a good guy and he's a good governor."

Other republicans who are skipping out on this year's convention include, Senator John McCain, Mitt Romney, Governor John Kasich, and Jeb Bush.