Md. boy's dream comes true as he meets Maroon 5 at DC concert

A 10-year-old Maryland boy's biggest dream came true Monday night, and his story has already melted the hearts of millions around the world. For Christopher Warner, this night is all about one thing: Maroon 5.

FOX 5 first introduced you to Christopher last week. He has Down syndrome, but in many ways, he's just like every other kid -- including in his taste in music. His favorite band on the planet is Maroon 5, and of course, they're playing at the Verizon Center in D.C. Monday night.

Adam Levine's band has truly captured Christopher's heart, but on this night, he was sure to capture theirs. Christopher met his idols backstage before the show, and to say he could hardly wait would be a huge understatement.

When Christopher finally met the band backstage, he was really excited! Actually, a little TOO excited. He had a bit of a panic attack. But Maroon 5 took it in stride, so the whole band, his mother and Intern John of The Kane Show all laid down with Christopher for this heartwarming picture!

Christopher even got a pair of drumsticks from the drummer of Maroon 5 after the meet and greet!

This all started when his teachers and classmates at West Friendship Elementary School in West Friendship, Md. became well aware of his love for the band. Christopher did a writing project on Maroon 5, and even sung one of their songs, "One More Night," at the school's karaoke event.

Oh, and he sings. Over and over and over -- and it's adorable. Christopher's teachers made a YouTube video showing his love for Maroon 5 and sent it to FOX 5 and The Kane Show on D.C. radio station Hot 99.5. The Kane Show used their contacts to help get him in the show, and backstage.

"It's always cool to make that connection with a listener and see his dream being made and meeting Adam Levine," said Intern John. "It's cool being a part of that and being able to watch back and say, 'Wow, we actually made a difference in somebody's life today.'"

With an entourage consisting of his mother and four teachers, Christopher took his first Metro ride for his first visit to D.C. He was greeted like a celebrity at the Greene Turtle restaurant where he was hooked up with dinner and lots of free gifts.

"Kids with Down syndrome, they are just like other kids," said Christopher's mother, Cecilia. "They have wishes and I just think it's amazing."

Christopher even met a few fans of his own and even fielded an interview -- handling the microphone with ease -- before he headed next door to the Verizon Center for his first-ever Maroon 5 concert.

The 10-year-old also drew some pictures of him and Adam Levine, which we are told the lead singer autographed. The band also gave him a shirt, an autographed CD, a poster -- and certainly a lifetime of memories.

Christopher is so grateful and excited about meeting his idols that he even offered the FOX 5 staff a special thank you card for sharing his story and helping make his dream come true. It is, in a word, precious.

Christopher's parents say they are incredibly grateful for how all of this has turned out, but they say the real rock stars are Christopher's teachers and the staff at West Friendship.

"When we put the video out, I didn't expect it to happen all so fast and I didn't expect this kind of an outcome," said Jay Hackett, one of Christopher's teachers. "It's crazy. I'm just happy for my man. It's awesome. It's a great feeling."