Md. boy celebrates 8th birthday by meeting fire and rescue workers who helped save his life

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A young boy received a huge party from Prince George's County firefighters for his eighth birthday on Thursday after he almost didn't live to see it. On this day of celebration, he got to the meet the firefighters and police officers who helped save his life.

The fact that 8-year-old Dah'mari Jenkins is still alive is a miracle. His family and the Prince George's County Fire and EMS Department knew his birthday had to be a special one when they found out about it.

Loads of firefighters, medics, police officers and hospital staff showed up for his big celebration.

Last Friday, Dah'mari almost bled to death after his femoral artery was accidentally cut by a scalpel. He and a young family member found it in the back seat of a car and started playing with it.

Now he is out of the hospital and up and dancing less than a week after it happened. A team of emergency personnel and hospital staff moved quickly to save the boy's life.

"It slipped out of her hand on accident and then fell through my leg," said Dah'mari. "I fell on the floor and fell asleep. I passed out."

"I was able to get 2 IVs en route, gave him some fluid," said firefighter and paramedic Edward Aldaco. "We made sure the wound was properly covered and it was no longer bleeding at this point because the patient had lost so much blood already."

The fire department said from the time of dispatch to his arrival at Children's National Medical Center was 22 minutes.

They say quick teamwork was key to Dah'mari's survival. Not only was the response quick, but his hospital stay was as well. He went in on Friday and was released on Sunday evening.