McKinney substitute accused of assaulting 10-year-old

A substitute teacher in McKinney is being investigated by the school district and police after a ten-year-old student claimed the teacher assaulted him at school.

The incident in question happened last Thursday at Malvern Elementary School, and as required by law the district notified child protective services. The substitute is on administrative leave while police decide if a crime was committed.

McKinney ISD said the 4th grader may have been injured while the substitute teacher tried to restrain the child. The boy, however, claims the woman tried to choke him because she didn't like his attitude.

"I don't know what happened she just snapped and started choking me against the wall," said Jamari Johnson.

Johnson claims the teacher got physical when she told him to sit down as he walked over to his locker to put his football away.

"I don't care what the situation is, if he wasn't hitting her there shouldn't have even been a reason for her to restrain him," said mom Tanisha Mack.

Tanisha Mack admits her son has behavioral problems but claims her son has never been violent.

"I'm with him on this. I trust my child on this," Mack said. "There's been times where he said things where I've said I don't believe you, but this is not one of those cases."

Both mom and son want the substitute teacher fired and charged with assault.

FOX4 was unable to seek comment from the substitute over the allegations because the name has not been made public.