McDonald's teams up with the AARP to hire older workers

(FOX NEWS) -- McDonald's is looking to hire more baby boomers.

The fast-food chain, known for being many Americans' first job, is planning to hire more workers over the age of 50, and teaming up with the AARP to help fill new positions. Job postings have been listed on the non-profit's website, and they're also utilizing several of their employment programs to help match candidates with the right job.

By hiring older employees, the company hopes that it will be easier to staff their morning and early afternoon shifts, since teenagers and students typically aren't available or willing to work mornings. According to a report by CNBC, 40 percent of the company's workforce is made up of teens while only 11 percent are over 50.

The company is looking to hire nearly 250,000 people for the busy summer months.

In a press release, McDonald's U.S. Chief People Officer Melissa Kersey stated that "thanks, in part, to our new collaboration with AARP and AARP Foundation, we're looking to position McDonald's as a place where people at every stage of working life can see themselves grow and thrive while bringing stability and a different perspective that everyone can learn from."

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