Mayor Bowser, DDOT double down on Vision Zero to reduce deadly crashes

The administration of Mayor Muriel Bowser and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) are rolling out new safety features aimed at doubling down on the District's vision to eliminate fatal crashes by year 2024, despite increases in fatalities over the last few years.

The new safety initiatives include identifying close to 100 intersections where drivers will not be able to make right turns on red as well as a number of intersections where left turns will not be permitted.

Protected bike lanes will be expanded from the current 10 miles to 20 miles of lanes while pickup and drop-off zones will be installed with the goal of cutting down on double parking and blocking of bike lanes.

DDOT may also add more red light and speed cameras to help enforce the new programs.

"People live in different places, they work in different places, they are going out in different places, they are using rideshare," said Bowser. "So our conditions on our roadways have changed over the years and we need everybody to be paying attention, recognize that we all have to share the roadway and recognize that speed and inattention kill."

Bowser and DDOT officials say the initiatives will roll out in phases, with some beginning as early as November.

The Metropolitan Police Department will begin a three-day traffic safety crackdown Thursday, targeting speeding and impaired drivers.