'Max' the dog, 'Quackers' the duck form inseparable bond

It's an unlikely friendship between two animals.

"Max" the Siberian Husky and "Quackers" the duck are best friends. The two are inseparable and bring a lot of smiles to their neighbors.

"Max" was just five years old when his family adopted him and he quickly bonded with another Husky in the home, but when that husky passed away, he was left all alone. That is, until "Quackers" came along.

"Max would sit next to his pen all the time, and they just kind of bonded that way. After we let him out, they never left each other's side," says owner Patrick Riley.

"They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks down the road. Everything is together," owner Kirstin Riley adds.