Matthew McConaughey surprises town, delivers turkeys

Everyone's favorite, Matthew McConaughey, helped spread some Thanksgiving happiness when he surprised a community over the weekend in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

McConaughey, along with 250 volunteers, helped deliver 4,500 turkeys to people around the community on Saturday, Nov. 4, which also happened to be the actor's 48th birthday.

In a video posted to McConaughey's Facebook page, he said he was working with Wild Turkey to deliver the birds ahead of Thanksgiving.

"We believe in our family that the more you're thankful for, the more that you show gratification for, the more you're going to create in your life to be thankful for. I think it's kind of scientific," he said to the group of volunteers. "Let's go make some people happy, put some smiles on some faces."

In another video posted to his page, the actor delivers one of the turkeys to a group a women. In it, McConaughey says "Do you know what this is?" and one woman's response was "that's a sexy man carrying a turkey!"

*Video may contain language some may find offensive*