Maryland Zoo in Baltimore welcomes lesser kudu calf

The Maryland Zoo is welcoming its newest member – say hello to Kadett!

The newest lesser kudu calf at the zoo in Baltimore was born on Monday to 7-year-old Meringue and 10-year-old Ritter. He is Meringue’s second calf.

Kadett is about 3-and-a-half feet tall, and weighs about 14 pounds.

“Meringue is taking great care of him and we are pleased with his progress so far. Right now he will remain in the barn bonding with Meringue for a couple of weeks. His first turn out into the habitat will be weather dependent, but we hope to have them outside before it gets too cold,” said Erin Grimm – mammal collection and conservation manager.

Lesser kudu are one of eight species of African spiral-horned antelope.