Maryland town swears in youngest mayor in state history

Indian Head, Maryland is home to nearly 4,000 people. But it is the new mayor putting the small town on the map.

He is the youngest mayor in state history and was sworn into office Tuesday night.

How young is he? He is old enough to vote, drive, but he can't order a drink. But 19-year-old Brandon Paulin convinced his small town of that he is the man to lead their local government.

Last Tuesday, Indian Head voters elected him with 239 of the 383 votes cast.

"It wasn't a joke," Paulin said. "I went around door to door to everyone's house in Indian Head, dropped off information, my plan, talked to citizens for a few months, and it's all real."

"Well, I've seen this coming because he's been involved in the community since a very young age, so when he announced to us, I wasn't really surprised," said Brandon's mother, Wendy.

The town of Indian Head has three elected officials -- a councilman, vice mayor and mayor. They make up the town council.

As a college student, Paulin's experience as mayor will pay off in his classes. He is a political science major at the College of Southern Maryland.